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How to get rid of a lot of stuff in a hurry

I’ve talked before about how, in my early twenties, I bought way too much house and then promptly filled it with crap. To dig myself out of the mess I’d created, I had to develop a plan to downsize and … Read More »

Super Simple Tahini-Free Hummus Recipe

For several years I spent an embarassing amount of money on Tribe Hummus. It was so delicious and came in such tauntingly small portions. I just could not stop. I wish I’d known that hummus was so easy to make. … Read More »

How to Write a Realistic Non-Soul-Crushing To-Do List

Part of my plan for not deteriorating into a shiftless sad sack this winter involves being super nice to myself, setting only realistic, attainable goals and not being too hard on myself if I slip up and don’t accomplish everything … Read More »

I Make Lists: 5 of My Mediocre Superpowers

I’ve never really had one talent at which I am supremely awesome. I was a passable soccer player, but I was never amazing. I’m a pretty decent artist, but not so good that I’d win any competitions. I can’t sing, … Read More »

10 Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes to Reclaim Your Sanity

I’m a person that gets easily overwhelmed. As a serial To-Do List writer, I take on more tasks than any human could possibly hope to accomplish.

Soon, I don’t have any clean clothes left, the dishes are piled high, I … Read More »

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