How to Offer Multiple Subscription Options to Your Blog Readers

How to Offer Multiple Subscription Options to Your Blog Readers

So you’ve got a blog. Whether it's a personal site where you blog about your life, a niche blog where you talk about your passion projects, or you’re an entrepreneur blogging about your small business, there are a few things you need to do to help your readers connect with you. You need to offer your readers several different ways to get your posts, so that no matter how they prefer to read blogs, ... [Continue Reading]

How to Apologize When You’ve Done a Sh*tty Thing

How to Apologize When You've Done a Sh*tty Thing

It seems like every other week in the news, someone famous is issuing the obligatory Public Apology, because they stuck their foot in their mouth in an interview, got caught on tape saying something they thought no one would hear, or did something awful in public. These are almost always terrible heaps of BS, and usually no one buys them.   They usually go something like this. Maybe ... [Continue Reading]

6 Items You Should Keep in Your Bag to Ward Off Travel Funk

6 Items to Ward Off Travel Funk

It's vacation season, and sometimes, a girl finds herself in a place where issues of personal hygiene become somewhat complicated. Whether you're kicking around third world countries or roadtripping cross country in search of the world's largest yarn ball, what you carry with you can be the difference between the experience of a lifetime or hours of discomfort. These are a few items that you can ... [Continue Reading]

Write Your Relationship Manifesto + Free Worksheet

Write Your Relationship Manifesto

Friends, I have been in more than my fair share of stupid relationships. I say stupid rather than bad, destructive or unfulfilling (even though they were those things, too) because in all of them I knew exactly what the problem was. Whether they were boyfriends, friends or acquaintances that I suffered way longer than I should have, the common thread was always that I knew that what I was ... [Continue Reading]

Linkography – money-free fun + anxiety busters


We've made it through another one, friends! Here's a collection of my favorite things from the last week to help you coast into the weekend.   This song has been popping up on my Pandora station recently, but when I finally saw the video I could not take my eyes off of it. So weirdly hypnotic (and a little creepy in a fun way?) Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr. Quiche.   I am all ... [Continue Reading]

How to Stock Your Bathroom for Company

How to Stock Your Bathroom for Company

Let's take a poll. How many of us have experienced an awkward moment in someone else's bathroom – one of those moments where we have to look around, regroup and figure out just what the hell we're going to do to minimize the amount of embarrassment we're going to face when we emerge? You too? Whether we're having one friend over for dinner or 30 friends over for a rager, let's spend half an ... [Continue Reading]

How to plant a simple container herb garden

How to Plant a Container Herb Garden

I wanted a small container garden with a collection of kitchen herbs that I know I'll use regularly: Oregano, basil, sage, rosemary and a sad little cilantro plant that the woman at the greenhouse gave me for free. The herbs were $2.40 each, the soil was about $4 and everything else I already had on hand, making the total for this project about $13 and change. If you anticipate needing to take ... [Continue Reading]

Could your sad, blank walls use a little moxie?

Gingerous Print Pack 1 - Free Download!

Hello friends! I've got a present for you! I've designed a set of four downloadable prints, ready to crank out on your home printer, frame, and hang anywhere that you'd like to see a little daily reminder to kick ass. And they're yours FREE when you subscribe for the Gingerous Newsletter. No more punching in the website address or firing up your feed reader – you'll get all the best from ... [Continue Reading]

7 Rude Things You’re Probably Doing and How to Stop Doing Them

7 Rude Things You're Probably Doing

Most of us go through life trying to be generally cool to our fellow earthlings. We don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or ruin their day. We want to be nice people. Most of us have probably also had our day ruined by someone  who did didn’t even realize they'd done something wrong. We’ve gotten comfortable. We’re a little bit oblivious and a little bit apathetic. And so we’re rude when we ... [Continue Reading]